With our Skyliner adventures behind us for the time being, today we made the move from Disney’s Art of Animation Resort to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. Once settled in our room, we decided to head over to The Artist’s Palette for some lunch. It was there that we spotted a tasty and adorable looking treat: Mike & Sulley Cookie Butter. Naturally, we had to give it a try.

The Mike & Sulley Cookie Butter features two sugar cookie “dippin’ sticks” — one decorated as Mike Wazowski and the other as James P. Sullivan A.K.A. Sulley — served in a cup of Nilla Wafer Cookie Butter topped with rainbow sprinkles. Each cup comes at a cost of $5.99 (plus tax). And, while it’s not exactly a cupcake, Cast Members placed the dessert in a cupcake container, making for easier transport back to our room.

When I think of cookie butter in most cases, I think of speculoos and its cinnamon/gingerbread-esque flavorings. However, this is apparently Nilla Wafer Cookie Butter, so much of those notes are missing (I’m not actually sure if there’s any speculoos in it or not). Instead, I’d say the taste most resembled sugar cookie dough. In fact, skipping ahead a bit, I thought the cookie butter tasted more like sugar cookie than the sugar cookie sticks did!

As for those sticks, the food dyed hues and candy eye/eyes helped them resemble our favorite monsters while the frosted tops helped give them a satisfying snap. The flavor on each was nice and, although they were unmistakably sugar cookies, I didn’t find them to be super sweet. In fact, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that this dessert wasn’t as sickenly sweet as it could have been.

While Mike and Sulley are billed as dippin’ sticks and the two elements of this snack do work well together, you’d have to be scooping up some pretty sizable globs in order to polish off the cup with just the two cookies. Thus, I’d definitely recommend grabbing a spoon to help you get through the rest.

In term of price, considering I recently paid $5 for a tiny Skyliner cookie (we’ll have to go back and review that soon), the $6 price tag isn’t bad by Disney standards. Plus, this is definitely a sharing snack, so the per-serving cost is reasonable.

All in all, the Mike & Sulley Cookie Butter is an interesting idea executed well. Even if the flavor wasn’t quite what I’d anticipate upon hearing the words “cookie butter,” the result is a tasty treat that I wouldn’t be scared to get again. With that, I give the Mike & Sulley Cookie Butter from The Artist’s Palette 8 out of 10 Kitties.

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