The Disney Parks Blog recently announced a new line-up of plant-based options coming to both coasts, including the Loaded Slaw Dog at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom



Before I dive into my review of that particular item, I need to point out that I am not vegan and actually avoid vegetables (only half-joking) I have enjoyed my share of Impossible Burgers when those hit the scene but haven’t continued seeking plant-based alternatives. That being said, when I was told about the Loaded Slaw Dog, I did what any grown man would do and fought against trying it. Thankfully I was reminded that this is part of my job.



As I said, I’ve had an Impossible Burger or two in the past at different events and was actually very impressed with the overall flavor. But, as for the Slaw Dog… it was just okay. As I learned from a vegan friend, it is not about the flavor of the dog, it’s more about the concept with the flavoring being added to try and trick your mind into thinking it’s a hot dog. Of course, the flavor of a hot dog can vary from one brand to the next so my first step was trying just the dog with none of the slaws which backed up the “concept not the flavor” as it was just bland.



Once I dug into the dog including the slaw, the taste was most definitely better, with pickled slaw, barbecue vegan aioli and roasted corn relish that truly was the highlight of meal. Let me repeat, I am not a vegan, but overall this is a good option for those of you that are or those of us that should just try and eat a little more healthy. For $11.49, it is smaller than some of the other options at Casey’s but it does also include a side of fries. If nothing else, it is nice to see new (somewhat) healthy options coming to the parks.


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