Recap: Disney+’s “Diary of a Future President” — Episode 6

We’re past the halfway point of the semester (series) and we are ready to dive into the next assignment (episode). As always, make sure those No. 2 pencils are sharpened and get ready to take notes on this week’s episode. Here we go!

Let’s go character-by-character this week, as it seems to be the easiest way to break down the three plotlines of the episode. Bobby is hanging out with Monyca (don’t forget that ‘y’, honey.) and is thrown for a loop when she asks about his father. He is immediately stressed about the question, as his relationship with his deceased father is still and open wound in his life. He avoids the convo and heads to watch a movie with his friends.

The movie is about a dad who passes away and turns into a mailbox (What is this? THE LAKE HOUSE?!) and he continues to be sad. For good reason! He’s young and dealing with a huge loss. He, understandably, runs away. Liam later confronts him to make sure he’s okay and allows for a dialogue to be opened between the two.

Gabi is distressed from the start of the episode as she has been taken off the major case at her firm. She is incredibly sad that her passion can’t be put towards this huge case, and on top of that, she has been asked to read the handbook about in-work relationships with Sam. What a mood killer. Gabi is ready to just sign and move on, but Sam requests they actually go over the detail and take careful consideration.

The reading event ends up turning into a cute moment between the two, connecting over their shared admiration for each other. Sam reveals the first time he knew he liked Gabi and that he suggested reading the handbook to get her mind off the demotion at work. AND THEN THEY I LOVE YOU. Cute.

Elena is a convict this episode, finally attending detention after her orange juice incident. She immediately connects with the “6 o’clockers,” who have gotten a bad reputation, even thought they are really nice. She ends up sitting with them at lunch the next day, much to the dismay of her best friend Sasha. After second-guessing her decision, she avoids the 6 o’clockers. We love a back-and-forth moment.

After getting let out of her detention early for good behavior (…is this Rikers? What is happening?!), she decides to take a stand against the bias fellow student have against the group, speaking out for them in a positive light during her next morning announcements. Elena is doing what the other girls should be doing!

TIME! Place your papers face down on your desk and I will come pick them up. Only 4 episodes left. Will they ever make mention of her being president again? Stay tuned!

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