Recap: Disney+’s “Diary of a Future President” — Episode 7

Not only is it the seventh episode, it’s also school dance time! Are we ready for the middle school dance? Just know that you can’t attend until you finish taking notes, so get ready to write and recap!

You know where I didn’t expect this episode to go? Elena referencing Darwinism as a way to attract her crush, Joey. DOAFP – 1. Me – 0. Elena has wanted to go to the dance with Joey since forever, but when she hears Joey say he’s only into eighth grade girls, her heart is broken. How can she change this inevitable outcome? This is where the Darwinism comes into play. Elena immediately decides the best way to get Joey’s attention is to act like an eighth grader. Sure, Jan.

Sasha has an upcoming poetry competition, which has her nerves at an all-time high, and Elena promises to help her achieve success. However, Elena immediately gets too preoccupied with her eighth gradeiness (it’s a word…look it up…) that she forgets her commitments to Sasha completely. Sasha, surprisingly, gets support from Jessica, letting her borrow her lip gloss.

Elena finally achieves peak older woman (with body glitter and platforms shoes, of course), right before falling flat on her face. That’s gonna be a big ‘ole yikes. In front of Joey, no less. Joey eventually says he’s going to the dance with his guy friends and he’ll see her there. “See you there” is a huge win for Elena and she leaves thrilled.

The thrill is immediately gone when she realizes she forgot all about Sasha, who is competing without her best friend by her side. Instead? Jessica. ESCANDALO!

The other two plots are sort of quick this episode (‘cause honey, we care about the DANCE and nothing else). Gabi is finally ready to clean up her deceased husband’s items, but when a picture filled with memories pops up, she quickly grabs everything back.

Bobby is stressed about an upcoming tennis tournament, where he has to play doubles with Liam. To create further stress, Liam locks them in a room together. Fun. During the tournament. Double fun. Liam tries to make Bobby feel better by playing games and making him an impromptu trophy. And then their knees touch. Not in an unceremonious way…but like a “Do I like you?” kind of way. HONEY?! I live.

Yelling is a great way to end this week’s notes. Go have fun at the dance, but be safe and be home by 10!

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