Moment of Disney Bliss: Showing Signs to It’s a Small World

Your Moment of Disney Bliss is a series bringing you a Disney attraction, show, parade or moment from around the world each day to keep you connected to the parks we all love.

For today’s moment, we’re going inside Pinocchio’s Village Haus at the Magic Kingdom. One of the cool things about this restaurant is one section of it overlooks the start of “it’s a small world”. You can look at the riders and they can look at you. This video is from a few years ago when they had (and perhaps still have) signs people in the restaurant could hold up to try to get the people in the boats to do things. The signs said things like "Wave" and "Fist Bump", "Sing It's a Small World" and "Do the Macarena".

Join us tomorrow for the April 9th Moment of Disney Bliss.

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