9:00am PT: 202 NFL Draft: Rounds 4 to 7 on ESPN and ABC

9:30am ET/PT: DuckTales: “Louie’s Eleven!” on Disney XD

Louie plans to gatecrash a high-class party as Donald tries to slip away from the party’s planner.

10:00am ET/PT: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl on Freeform

5:00pm PT: Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet: “I’ll Quill Survive” on Nat Geo WILD

Dr. Oakley helps a horse with a strange lump and deals with a bull that’s losing weight.

6:00pm PT: Alaska Animal Rescue: “Seal Pup Voyage” on Nat Geo WILD

Springtime in Alaska brings a new round of challenges to the rescue centers

7:00pm PT: Jungle Animal Rescue: “Safe and Sound” on Nat Geo WILD

This episode the Wildlife SOS teams are racing against the clock to rescue twin leopard cubs that fell down a well. There’s also a rescue of a massive python and the release of a leopard back into the wild.