Prop Culture: 8 Props from “Tron” We Want To Know More About

In Prop Culture, Dan Lanigan reunited Bruce Boxleitner with his costume from Tron, had the Flynn's Arcade neon sign restored for the Walt Disney Archives, and took a look at some models from the film. Being the first live-action/computer animation hybrid film of its kind, a lot of the coolest moments in the film only lived in the digital world. But here are eight props, costumes, and setpieces I’d love to see more of or know more about.

1. Round Cockpit Set

Used as the interior of several vehicles, this spinning cockpit set looks different in the film depending on how it’s modified through the multiple layers of effects the black and white footage went through. I’m curious if any pieces of it survived.

2. Encom Neon Helicopter

Ed Dillinger makes a big impact when he lands on the roof in this black helicopter with glowing red trim. At the end of the film, Kevin Flynn arrives in the same copter in daylight and the trip is white so it’s hard to tell if the red glow was an effect or not. In all probability, this was a standard helicopter with a paint job that was painted over when filming wrapped, but it would be cool if this is sitting in a prop graveyard somewhere waiting for be discovered.

3. Dillinger’s Computer Desk

Ed Dillinger uses this sleek black computer desk with multiple screens under glass to run the company and communicate with the MCP. This was clearly custom made for the film and I hope it’s a display piece in someone’s home office.

4. Encom Laser

Livermore Labs doubled as Encom and most of the furnishings are likely still there. But one item that I assume Disney brought with them and took away after the shoot is the laser that zaps Flynn into the game grid. It looks somewhat related to the shrink ray from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids as well. Could it have been repurposed?

5. Lightcycle Arcade Game

When Kevin Flynn is first introduced in his arcade, he’s playing a Lightcycle arcade game. It has a transparent joystick and cool neon lights around the screen. How much of it was real and how much was effects? The camera never makes a clear shot of the full machine, making it even more alluring to want to know more about it.

6. Recognizer Steering Wheel

Flynn takes control of a broken down Recognizer, which has a unique steering wheel with a joystick on top. This seems like another prop that could’ve survived to live beyond the shoot.

7. Inoperative Data Pusher Costumes

The most eye-popping costumes in the game grid belong to two “Inoperative Data Pushers” who eye Flynn up and down as he walks past them. In all probability, they look dull in real life but they’re so flashy on screen that I’d love to know more about them.

8. Sark’s MCP Command Console

When Sark interacts with the MCP, he stands at this console, keeping both hands attached to draw power. These would be another fun piece to see in greater detail.

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