As [email protected] continues, this afternoon, it was ABC’s action drama Stumptown in the spotlight. After a raucous first season, Dex Parios and company are returning for season 2 later this year.

Moderated by TV Guide’s Jim Halterman, the panel included stars Cobie Smulders (Dex), Jake Johnson (Grey McConnell), and Michael Ealy (Detective Miles Hoffman) along with executive producers Jason Richman, David Bernad, Ruben Fleischer and the new member of the team: EP and co-showrunner Monica Breen. This being Comic-Con, Greg Rucka — author of the graphic novel that inspired the series — also participated in the panel. While production of the next season has yet to begin, the gang did share some insights into season one, a few peeks behind the scenes, and a glimpse at what’s ahead.

  • Asked about what it was like to see his graphic novel come to life, Rucka said it was “remarkable,” while adding that, when his set visit included a scene where they destroyed a car, he realized the scope of what was being created. On the other end of the question, Richman mentioned that adapting the graphic novel for television meant adding certain supports and expanding characters that may have previously played small roles, but that it was not to “forget what you fell in love with” and keep true to the spirit of the material
  • As mentioned, Breen wasn’t a part of season one and is now joining for season two. Nevertheless, she notes what a fun show Stumptown is. Specially, she called out the dynamic between Dex, Grey, and Hoffman, stating that there is no “will they, won’t they,” but instead more of a “they did — now what?”
  • Also on the topic of that love triangle, Johnson said he actually never felt like his character was in one, stating that he sees Dex and Grey as friends. Ealy backed up that notion, suggestions that perhaps “this is how Dex starts true friendships.”
  • On the topic of scene-stealing co-star Cole Sibus (who plays Dex’s brother Ansel), Smulders said that Sibus is not only the heart of the show but also the heart of the set. Johnson added that he’s never hugged anyone more in his life — including his family. Meanwhile, Richman says that Sibus grew as an actor throughout season one and offered ideas for Ansel storylines.
  • In the same spirit of collaboration, in response to a fan question, Johnson mentioned that the cast is often in contact with the writers and producers about their characters. He says he’s also been impressed that these discussions have often led to changes on the show.
  • Looking ahead to season two, everyone remained mum (no pun intended) on who might land the role of Dex’s mother, who turned up at the end of the season one finale. However, asked about dream guest stars for the next season, Smulders suggests Meryl Streep, Ealy said Benicio Del Toro, and Johnson said it would be great to have Daniel Day Lewis or Leonardo DiCaprio come on for a cameo with just a few lines.

For much more fun from the Stumptown San Diego [email protected] panel, check out the full video below:

Stumptown will air Wednesdays at 10 p.m… sometime this fall.