Unless you’ve been living in a cave without wifi for the past seven years, you probably know all about Olaf, the lovable snowman who likes warm hugs. But there’s actually a pretty big part of Olaf’s story that you missed in the first Frozen film. A new short premiering on Disney+ on October 23rd will fill you in on everything you missed in Once Upon a Snowman.

The short begins mid-song of the phenomenal hit “Let it Go,” during which Elsa used her magic to build a new Olaf, the snowman she and Anna created together as children. As Elsa walks away and keeps singing her song, Olaf comes to life and has a very confusing journey on his meandering path that unites him with Anna, Sven, and Sven (aka Kristoff). During his journey of self discovery, Olaf asks important questions about life and answers them as only Olaf can.

Once Upon a Snowman is an essential piece of the Frozen saga you never knew you needed. It delivers laugh-after-laugh in family-friendly style while also reaffirming the themes of familial love from the original film. It neither contradicts nor changes the events of the original film, but offers a delightful Olaf-centric eight-minute diversion.

This short is a burst of pure joy that comes at a time when we need it most. You’ll want to start it again the second it ends and I found many of the gags to be even funnier the second time around, like some of the most classic Looney Tunes shorts. Disney Animation fans should also keep their eyes peeled for a few references to other Disney animated projects featured in the short.

Once Upon a Snowman will make you laugh so hard you cry. After Frozen 2, I didn’t think I wanted any more Frozen projects from Walt Disney Animation Studios and I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s pure magic from start to finish.

I give Once Upon a Snowman 5 out of 5 hairbrush snowman noses.

Once Upon a Snowman premieres Friday, October 23rd, on Disney+.

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