The Force is Strong with and Their Star Wars Selections

“This is the way.” The force is strong with and their selection of The Mandalorian shirts and accessories. Star Wars fans of all ages will enjoy the wildly creative items inspired by different factions of the Star Wars universe. Our very own Mike Celestino had the good fortune to sample one of their many offerings and stopped by Barely Necessities: The Disney Merchandise Show to share his thoughts.

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Star Wars by

You can turn your home into a Star Wars inspired destination or make your wardrobe Sith and Jedi worthy with these great selections from From the all to cool Wampa Rug to fun high tops featuring Grogu (aka The Child) your love of all things Star Wars will never go unnoticed!

This Wampa Rug is designed for those who want that Wampa-style, but still have no desire to hunt the angry beasts from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! The rug recreates the look of the snow-colored fur from the movie and can be used to spruce up any home or office. Of course, it also makes sure that we leave those Wampas alone!”

Wampa Fur Star Wars Rug

“These officially licensed 'The Child' Shoes from Star Wars: The Mandalorian may be the find you've been hunting for! They're unisex shoes from your favorite Disney and Star Wars TV series and feature a green and black color scheme with accents of white and pink to bring the face of the enigmatic 'Grogu' to life. Lace up into snuggly Star Wars style thanks to the cushy feel that will keep you feeling the Force (of comfort).”

Mandalorian The Child  Adult Unisex Shoes

“Normally, you need to rock a set of armor to be a true Mandalorian. We think that they'll make an exception if you wear this officially licensed Star Wars shirt instead! The Mandalorian shirt has a traditional crew neck design and is a muted red color. It's not made of Beskar, so it won't protect you from blaster bolt, but it is a comfortable cotton and polyester blend construction, making it great for everyday wear.”

Red The Mandalorian Mens Shirt

“This Kid's Mandalorian The Child Grogu Shirt is inspired by the main characters of The Mandalorian. It comes with a colorful image of The Child and The Mandalorian on the front. The classic crewneck design makes it a great choice for everyday wear! That means your child can take THE Child along when heading to school or to their own galactic adventures. And you can bet your child will be ready to tell everyone what The Child's name is!”

Grogu Mandolorian The Child Kids T-Shirt

“Don’t be a scruffy-looking nerf herder and add this awesome graphic tee to your wardrobe today. You can never have too many Star Wars shirts, especially shirts that feature the deadliest bounty hunter of all time, Boba Fett!”

Star Wars Boba Fett Men’s T-Shirt

“If you want to get that Mandalorian style with a simple t-shirt style, then this Star Wars The Mandalorian Team Circle T-Shirt is the way to go! The shirt is made out of a cotton and polyester blend and a printed image of The Mandalorian and The Child on the front. You can wear it during bounty hunting missions… or while you head to the grocery store!”

Star Wars The Mandalorian Team Circle Men’s T-Shirt