Event Recap: Disney+ The Stories Continue Summer Tour Kick Off in New York City

This morning I had the opportunity to check out the opening day of the Disney+ The Stories Continue Summer Tour. This road event began in New York City and will also be making stops in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles over the course of the next month.

The event’s purpose is quite simple: With Disney+ being a crutch for many during the pandemic, this is one of the first opportunities to celebrate the stories that have been loved over the past year and enjoy them with others.

Visitors will be treated to many props and costumes from Disney+ originals. The moment you enter the experience, you are greeted with costumes from Cruella, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and my beloved High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Next, guests can spin a wheel for a variety of branded prizes. Few things are better than free branded merch, so I expect many to be rocking their Disney+ bucket hats for years to come. (Myself included!)

A photo booth opportunity allows you to create a still photo, or a GIF, celebrating taglines used in conjunction with the streaming platform. Physical copies can be printed as well, which is a nice touch.

Before leaving the giant Disney+ storage crate, you can pick up a copy of their event magazine. With one of five covers available, there’s something for everyone. I chose Cruella, because my obsession with Emma Stone knows no bounds. The actual magazine itself is rather stunning, with gorgeous artwork and writing detailing Disney+’s newest. As I’ve been looking through it, I have thought about how I’d prefer this to the Disney Twenty Three magazine, a testament to how the issue is perfectly edited.

When I entered, I was shown the sketchwork to an eventual live mural that would be completed over the course of the two-day NYC stop. Each city will receive its own mural and the completed work will be donated to a local Boys & Girls Club at each tour stop, which is a wonderful touch.

Of course, those who weren’t already signed up had the opportunity to become Disney+ subscribers. Those who apply at the event or who are already subscribers will receive a free monogrammed Disney+ ear hat. You better believe I will be rocking it all over the Walt Disney World Resort soon.

Live entertainment and a nice seating area finish off the event. I was told that Disney+ stars may pop-up at every location, which is super fun. I was able to meet Andrew Barth Feldman, from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and Dear Evan Hansen, who was so sweet though he had to deal with my awkwardness.

Overall, this is a super cool pop-up tour that I’m excited others will be able to experience. Especially considering gatherings can happen in a larger capacity now, this is a great opportunity to connect with others over the stories we’ve come to cherish over the past year. Have fun and stay safe!

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