NYCC 2021 – “Crossing Swords” Season 2 Set for December Premiere, Cast and Creators Discuss

New York Comic Con 2021 continued today and some of the cast and creators of the Hulu Original Series Crossing Swords discussed the upcoming second season of the show.

  • The panel included:
    • John Harvatine IV – co-creator, writer and director
    • Tom Root – co-creator and writer
    • Tara Strong – Coral
    • Adam Pally – Broth
    • Alanna Ulbach – Queen Tulip
    • Adam Ray – Ruben
  • The panel opened up with an announcement that the second season of the show will debut on Hulu on December 10.
  • We then got to see an episode of the upcoming season before the panel officially began.
  • Strong was asked what surprised her in the making of this show:
    • “You know, when you tour the studios and you see how they make the lips and the arms and the extra things and all the work that goes into every moment of stop-motion, the juxtaposition of the little wooden peg being sexualized and being hilarious, that in itself is surprising that they could pull it off that good.”
  • Root was asked about what fans can expect from season 2:
    • “Patrick’s journey is about starting from young and idealistic and kind of completely naive to entering our metaphor for the real world, which is this super corrupt castle and the people who run it, and how he gets corrupted little by little just by working there and how he resists being corrupted as he works there.”
  • Crossing Swords debuted last year and was renewed for a 10-episode second season in June 2020.
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