The 50th treat I'm obsessed with? It honestly didn’t sound like much in the description:

EARidescent Sip-a-bration (Non-Alcoholic Beverage) – Minute Maid Premium Lemonade and fruity strawberry punch served in a souvenir 50th Celebration Cup with a surprise Character and a little bit of magic! Price: $10

But they had me at “souvenir cup,” so I ordered it during dinner at EPCOT’s Coral Reef Restaurant.

Soon, a lemonade beverage arrived in a delightful Walt Disney World 50 glass. Around the upper border, along with silhouettes of twinkle stars, you can find Tinkerbell, Stitch, Nemo, Abu, Figment, Cheshire Cat, Orange Bird, Chip, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Stitch, Bambi and Gus the mouse (not the field goal kicking mule).

Alongside the beverage was a shimmering blue Minnie.While it was designed to sit on the rim, our server explained that far too many were breaking in transit from kitchen to table so they were now offering the separately and still individually wrapped. Curious about the Minnie sugar shape, my dining companion bit off her nose and described it as a very sweet berry flavor, most likely a blue raspberry. I had sampled the lemonade and it was extremely tart, which makes sense given what was about to happen.

Now for the fun part – the little bit of magic promised in the menu description. Drop Minnie into the lemonade and a bubbling transformation begins. Very quickly, the blue raspberry shape dissolves and your beverage is transformed into a shimmering tangy treat with a bit of effervescence


Leave it to Disney to find a way to bring their EARidescence to beverages during Walt Disney World’s 50th.

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