Zzzax of Life Drafts: Scariest Marvel Characters

Halloween is almost here! (Cue the spooky sound effects) So for a recent draft on the Zzzax of Life Podcast, we decided to draft the scariest Marvel characters. Kyle and I were joined by Tony to select the characters we think create the most nightmares for Marvel fans. Ok, can we stop those spooky sound effects now? It’s a little much.

This draft was as straight forward as they come. Occasionally, we’ll have to add some little stipulations here and there, but this one was just – pick characters that scare you. Obviously, this is a bit subjective, so as always, we left it up to you to decide who picked the best spooky lineup. Let’s take a look at these horrifying results.

Kyle’s Picks



Sorcerer Supreme Strange


Kyle took this as literally as possible with his first pick. I mean, what’s scarier than a Nightmare? The supernatural villain with the same powerset as iconic slasher Freddy Kreuger is a very worth first pick in this draft. And why not compliment that pick with Marvel’s signature vampire. Morbius will be hitting the big screen soon but he’s been terrorizing Marvel Comics for years. Going to the Marvel’s What If…? well, Kyle took the cursed Doctor Strange variant who has literally engulfed the most nightmarish monsters from across the multiverse. And to close things out, he grabbed his very own swamp monster with Man-Thing. That certainly adds a bit of a grotesque look to his lineup.

Mack’s Picks


Zombie Wanda

Shadow King


When you’re assembling a lineup of scary characters, why not go with the devil himself. Fans have been itching to see Mephisto in the MCU lately after WandaVision teased us all for so long. If we can’t have him there, at least I can have him on my spooky team. I followed Kyle to Disney+ and grabbed the terrifying zombie version of Wanda. And if anyone has seen the FX X-Men spinoff series Legion, they know the Shadow King is one of the most horrifying creatures in the Marvel Universe. Then, to close things out, I went cosmic and took the god of the abyss himself, Knull. If he’s good enough to lead an army of symbiote dragons to takeover Earth, he’s good enough for my team.

Tony’s Picks





Let me preface this by saying Tony is by no means a Marvel fan and his knowledge is mostly limited to the character’s presence in theme parks. That being said, look at the theme he went with here! A full lineup of symbiotes is a great way to go for a scary team. And if you’re basing your team off of theme parks, why not go with the only character to have his own Halloween Horror Nights house in Carnage. He then followed that up with Scream, due to her presence The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Islands of Adventure. Then to keep the theme going, why not grab the most iconic symbiote character in Venom. And, after he scrambled a bit for a fourth symbiote, he landed on Toxin to close things out. It’s a very gooey and terrifying lineup for sure.

Who Won the Vote?

Capturing a ghoulish victory, Kyle eeked this one out (see what I did there?), getting 37% of the vote. Tony and I were right behind, tying with 31% each. What this victory says about Kyle is beyond me, but we certainly found some of the scariest characters in the Marvel universe here.

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