New Ariel Scentsy Warmer and Buddy Kicks Off Return of The Little Mermaid Collection

Get ready for summer beach vibes with new and returning Scentsy products themed to Disney’s The Little Mermaid, releasing today. New items include a themed Scentsy Warmer, Ariel Scentsy Buddy, and Sebastian Scentsy Buddy Clip. Returning from the vault are two fragrances, “Ariel: Under the Sea” and “The Little Mermaid: Kiss the Girl,” along with the Sebastian Scentsy Buddy. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this collection!

The new warmer Includes Ariel, Flounder, and many of their “Under the Sea” friends on ripple glass, which illuminates your room with an underwater esthetic. The wax trey features Sebastian floating on bubbles. Scentsy Wax Bars have returned inspired by these classic characters. “Ariel: Under the Sea” is a floral fragrance with notes of water, hibiscus, and apple while “The Little Mermaid: Kiss the Girl” is more fruity, containing strawberry, raspberry, and lime. The warmer retails for $55 while each licensed wax bar is $6.50.

The new Ariel Scentsy Buddy has a shimmery fin and recaptures the curious princess’ likeness. The $40 price tag includes a Scent Pak, the debut of the “Ariel: Under the Sea” fragrance in this beaded bag format. Additional Scent Paks can be purchased for $7.50. Scent Paks can be replaced through a zippered compartment on the back of the plush. For Ariel, the compartment is horizontal beneath her seashell strap and also gets covered by her long red hair. Also available again is a Sebastian Scentsy Buddy for the same price, which comes with a Scent Pak of “The Little Mermaid: Kiss the Girl,” also sold separately.

Another new item that debuted today is a Sebastian Scentsy Buddy Clip for $20. This plush keychain is pre-scented with “The Little Mermaid: Kiss the Girl” and is perfect for clipping onto any bag, be it a backpack or beach bag.

Are you ready to dive under the sea with Ariel and all of her friends? The collection releases today at 10:00 am PT and you can learn more about how to order below.

How to Order

Scentsy products can only be ordered through a certified Scentsy Consultant. If you don’t have one, I recommend Trista. Click here to buy Scentsy products from her store and you can learn more about Scentsy products from her website,