The Invasion of Earth Begins In This Week’s “Amphibia”

It’s the beginning of the end for Amphibia as the invasion of Earth is about to start, but the allied armies must get along first in this week’s episode.

The Three Armies

Over the last few episodes of Amphibia we’ve seen Sasha and Anne build different relationships and gather new allies and armies for the resistance. Though a previous episode showcased a flashback showing Newts, Frogs, and Toads living together in harmony, this is typically not the case as is evidenced in this episode. The frogs, toads and newts don’t work well together and when all their armies show up at the resistance base, there is mayhem. Luckily, they are able to control it for just a smidge of time while the leaders of the armies go into planning with Anne, The Plantars, and Sasha.

They are working on some kind of strategy but can’t agree on anything. Each idea is laughed at and ridiculed by the others simply because it was said by somebody they disagree with. Anne, who has felt defeated as the award winning moderator she was finally breaks into some team building exercises, but the rivalries still continue. Each game and activity leads to more ridicule and finally Anne has had enough. She erupts into her blue powerful self with her cool anime powers and finally gets the group to see eye to eye. Whether they be frog, newt, or toad. I must say that I agree with Grime in this instance…probably should have led with the cool powers.

Finally, the group decides on a strategy similar to that of a movie Marcy was a fan of that Anne and Sasha were forced to watch by their friend, “War of the Warlocks,” where a large distraction battle took place to distract everyone while others slipped in through a back door. They’ll use that method to sneak in and steal the music box and take away Andrias’ main source of power.

A ruckus outside leads the crew to discover that Mother Olm herself has blown out a wall in their underground base to share that they have been feeling tremors from Andrias’ army moving out, saying that the invasion of Earth was beginning tonight, and the original timeline was a lie. Looks like they’d better move out.

The Beginning of the End

The resistance armies are heading out to Andrias’ castle in their efforts to stop the invasion of Earth and save their world. Sasha and Anne move everybody out but enjoy some quiet time on their own to discuss what will happen after they save Marcy. After all, it was Marcy who got them all trapped there in the first place, as we learned in the season two finale. A flashback showed the three of them being subjected to another screening of “War of the Warlocks” back in their time together on Earth, but Sasha and Anne inevitably fell asleep again.

The plan from the first half of the episode is enacted with the bulk of the armies in battle in front of the castle where Andrias can see, while Sasha, Grime, Anne, and the Plantars all sneak into the castle through a back door.

As the group succeeds, they encounter Lady Olivia and Yunan (under mind control) and enter into a fight with them. They are too in sync with each other, but fortunately, Anne and Sasha no a bit of synchronized choreography of their own. They finally get the mind control collars off of them, and say they are there to get the music box and rescue Marcy.

Lady Olivia and Yunan warn them that Marcy is not the same person she once was, but Anne and Sasha take this is a metaphor and say that neither are they before going into the chamber where Darcy and the music box are kept. Darcy, or Dark Marcy still has the memories of Marcy, so of course they saw the plan from “War of the Warlocks” coming a mile away. Darcy captures the group and shows the armies that their leaders have been captured and they’ve failed, summoning Andrias back to the chamber.

The two decide that in order for the power to be restored to the music box, they must kill Anne but in a last ditch effort, Anne asks if they know that’s how the power will be restored. There’s no guarantee of that. This seems to thwart their effort somewhat, and Darcy (and the Core) decide that they don’t know that for sure either. So, instead of immediate death for Anne, she now gets to watch as Andrias and his army invade Earth.

The last few moments of the episode showcase Andrias opening the portal and his ships flying through into Los Angeles, stopping traffic and making residents think “It’s the big one!” Finally, the words “To be continued” are shown and the end credits focus on Marcy watching “War of the Warlocks” with Anne and Sasha sleeping behind her, calling back to an earlier line where Darcy mentions that based on the memories Marcy has, were they ever really friends in the first place?

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