New Star Wars x RSVLTS Collection Launching for May The 4th

We are over the moon (of Endor) with excitement as the latest fashion drop from RSVLTS (The Roosevelts) arrives just in time for Star Wars Day. The pop culture brand has once again delivered an impressive, most impressive Star Wars collection that has a lot of fun playing with characters and locales from the original trilogy.

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Disney fans who’ve been following Laughing Place know that when it comes to fashion, one of our go-to brands is RSVLTS. Not only are their clothes comfortable, but they’re really cool, like “where did you get this shirt” cool! Today they’ve unveiled a new Star Wars collection that gently hints at nostalgia all while staying current and trendy. Is it their best SW series yet? We think so! Let’s take a look.  

While the Star Wars universe is huge, the Star Wars x RSVLTS collection is keeping things simple and familiar with five new patterns featuring Stormtroopers, Lightsabers and even an infamous spaceship.

The assortment of designs span RSVLTS’ traditional button down tees ($70), hybrid shorts ($65), and koozies ($6) so fans can show their love for the fandom in the way that best suits them. Oh! And the collection of shirts are available in youth sizes ($43), because it’s important to help younglings develop their fashion sense too.

Technicolor Troopers

Regardless of their aim, Stormtroopers just look awesome. Even more so when they are decked out in bright colors! This brilliant pattern features a variety of Stormtrooper helmets in bold hues and lets just say… They understood the assignment. Available in traditional and youth button downs, hybrid swim and koozies.

Hang on a second! The Technicolor Troopers items are a May The 4th exclusive and will only be available today. Quantities are limited so don’t delay!

12 Parsecs

We all know the story about how the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, now it’s time to honor the ship, her skilled captain and co-pilot with a classy pattern that evokes the strange energy of cosmos. The print is available in traditional and youth button downs, and hybrid swim/leisure shorts.

A Cut Above the Ordinary

Ah the lightsaber. A powerful and useful tool in the right hands. A deadly weapon in the wrong hands. This pattern highlights a few of the most famous ever wielded by the likes of Kylo Ren, Count Dooku and even Darth Vader. Available in traditional and youth button downs, and hybrid swim.

Welcome To the Forest Moon

When the Rebels set up shop on Endor, they had no idea how crucial the Ewoks would be to their cause and fortunately things worked out swimmingly. This pattern plays with the camouflage of forest and showcases our pal Wicket hiding amongst the foliage. Available in traditional, youth button downs and koozies.

Battle of Yavin

We wrap things up with this incredible design of the scopes, computers and navigational imagery that proved to be super important to the Rebellion. Luke might have been able to just use the Force, but for everyone else, some digital guidance made a world of difference. Available in traditional button downs, hybrid swim and koozies

The Star Wars x RSVLTS collection launches May 4th at 4pm ET. The new patterns are available for traditional button downs (adult and youth), swim/leisure shorts and koozies. Prices range from $6-$70.