6 Things That Prove John Stamos is a Bigger Disney Fan Than You

“My fellow Disney geeks!”

That’s how John Stamos greeted guests on last Sunday night’s “Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60” special on ABC. While some less informed viewers might assume this was just pandering, there is no doubt that Stamos really is a huge fan of the Mouse.

To celebrate today’s release of Fuller House on Netflix, we thought we’d highlight six facts that prove that Uncle Jesse John Stamos is a bigger Disney fan than you:

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He Owns a Legitimate Disneyland Sign

Perhaps the most well-known piece of evidence that Stamos is a (rich) Disney geek, he purchased a Disneyland sign from the company in an online auction for $30,700. The ‘D’ from the sign can be seen in pictures of his home along with a few other pieces of Disney memorabilia.

Apparently the actor actually outbid Michael Jackson for the sign as he discussed with James Corden on The Late Late Show:

He Performed with The Beach Boys in Walt Disney World for the “Kokomo” Video

Speaking of music, not only does that percussionist look familiar but the gorgeous hotel beyond them does as well. This clip comes from the 1988 Walt Disney World’s Fourth Of July Spectacular but was later edited into the official music video to include less WDW and way more Tom Cruise (the song was on the soundtrack for his film Cocktail).

Additionally, Stamos and the Beach Boys played at events celebrating the grand opening of Disney’s California Adventure and Stamos was known to drop by Carnation Plaza Gardens in Disneyland to perform with some of the bands that played there before it was converted to Fantasy Faire in 2013.

He Once Went on a Date with Lori Loughlin to Disneyland

Full House fans have long wondered why Stamos and actress Lori Loughlin (who played his TV wife) never ended up in real life. Well, in an interview with The Huffington Post, Stamos confessed that the pair actually did go on a date when they were around 18 or 19. And where else did they choose to go? That’s right — The Happiest Place on Earth.

That’s Not the Only Girl He’s Taken There

In 2013, Stamos made friends with an Orange County teen named Kaitlyn Dobrow who sadly lost all four of her limbs to a bacterial disease. To raise her spirits, Stamos dropped by her hospital room and promised that the two would visit Disney together. What a guy!


He Greets Characters with Style

Like this:

Same goes for Disney royalty:

…And lesser Disney royalty

He Got Engaged at Disneyland

Anyone can pop the question in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, but this is next level:

So there you have it: definitive, irrefutable proof that John Stamos is a bigger Disney fan than you are. But don’t be too sad — cheer yourself up by binge watching Fuller House, now streaming on Netflix.


Kyle Burbank
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