Millennium Falcon Tour and “Arrested Development” Surprises to Geek Out Over

May the 4th is just two days away and the excitement continues to build. Though fairly new, Star Wars Day has become a way for fans everywhere to celebrate the galactic heroes and villains they love. While you anticipate the arrival of the scared day, take a moment to watch theses videos and revel in the glory of being able to call yourself a Star Wars fan.

Millennium Falcon Tour with Donald Glover

She might be a hunk of junk when Han Solo owns her, but the Millennium Falcon sure looks stunning as Lando’s ship. We have a feeling Han didn’t fully utilize the Falcon to her potential. Lando on the other hand, well he’s quite the charmer. We’d wager he’s hosted more intergalactic parties aboard this beauty than Han’s been invited to. The famed space craft has been a fan favorite for years, and will be returning to the big screen on May 25th. Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Lando Calrissian aka Donald Glover gives fans a tour of icon ship. Check it out:

Fun Falcon Facts:

  • Did you know the Falcon has a full kitchen and wet bar? Amazing, right?
  • The furniture is made of patented leather and there’s a sound system! No wonder Lando gave Han a hard time about the condition of the ship.
  • There’s a perfect built in bunk that serves as the guest quarters.
  • Of course the captain’s quarters are quite fancy. The pillows and bedding are made from 100% Kajak hair.
  • Lando has a cape closet on board that houses every cape you’d ever need for any occasion.
  • Three life-size sections of the Falcon have been built inside shipping containers. The Millennium Falcon Experience set off on a four city tour last week.

Star Wars A New Hope gets the Arrested Development Treatment

Solo director, and Arrested Development narrator, Ron Howard kindly participated in a project that mashed up the two fandoms. Stopping by The Star Wars Show, Howard narrated a very condensed version of A New Hope in the style of Arrested Development. Mr. Manager suggests you watch it:

What are your Star Wars Day plans? Are you looking forward to seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story? Let us know!