Captain Marvel is one of Marvel’s most successful films of all time. It has earned over a billion dollars worldwide and posted the seventh highest opening weekend ever.

Of course, a great deal of this success can be attributed to it being the first female-led Marvel superhero film as well as Brie Larson’s fantastic portrayal of a strong female role model for young girls everywhere. But we all know the real star of the film was Goose the cat.

Marvel released a new video today, in which Reggie the cat, who portrayed Goose in Captain Marvel, “answers” some questions.

In the movie, Goose is not actually a cat, but rather an alien known as a Flerken. Reggie is your ordinary cat who apparently has the ability to answer your questions like “who would you love to team-up with in the MCU?” Come on, of course he was going to pick Rocket. Imagine that team-up!

I’m just wondering why no one asked Reggie where Goose was during Avengers: Endgame. Clearly he would have been useful in the fight against Thanos.

You can see Reggie the cat as Goose the Flerken in Captain Marvel, which is available on digital and Blu-ray now.