Avengers-Themed Workout Class Inspires Kids to Move Like Their Favorite Heroes

The Avengers have solved a lot of problems in movies, cartoons and comic books. The occasional alien invasion, supervillain takeover and other apocalyptic events are just another typical day on the job for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But now, they’re helping to tackle the real-world problem of childhood obesity.

The “Move Like the Avengers” workout from Les Mills features instructions to help kids move like Thor and Black Widow.

The workout comes in the form of a five-minute instructional video featuring instructors Bas Hollander and Diana Archer Mills showing off moves inspired by Thor and Black Widow respectively. The action-packed and combat-themed routine is designed specifically for children ages eight to 12.

“Move Like the Avengers” is part of Les Mills’ “BORN TO MOVE” program, which is designed to try to help young people fall in love with fitness. Some of Marvel’s most popular heroes are being used to help get young fans of the movies and comics excited about working out.

“It reaches more children, inspires them in a very dramatic way, and combines their innate imagination with great movement,” said Janine Phillips, Les Mills Creative Director for youth programming. “The challenge to ‘Assemble’ and move with the Avengers will not leave a child sitting on the couch – imagine actually feeling and moving like a super hero for five minutes!”

Of course, while helping kids stay fit is important, Les Mills also wants to make the experience and enjoyable one.

“The music and moves have been carefully choreographed, but getting active and having fun is the number one priority,” said Les Mills Creative Director Diana Archer Mills. “It is guaranteed to be an uplifting experience – children can enjoy the thrill of mastering new skills, and as a result their confidence grows, and it fuels their appetite to learn more.”

You can learn more about “Move Like the Avengers” and the “BORN TO MOVE” program at the official Les Mills website.