Toy Fair 2023: Trefl Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel Puzzles with Shaped Wood Craft Pieces

Are you focused more on the big picture or the fine details? When you build a puzzle, you often have to switch gears to think of both, but Polish puzzle company Trefl is rewriting that process with new puzzle shapes. This year at Toy Fair, one of my favorite things was Trefl’s Wood Craft puzzles, which allow for creative and innovative puzzle piece shapes.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto are some of the shapes you’ll find as you build this 500-piece Mickey Mouse-shaped puzzle. When completed, it’s bright and colorful, with artistic interpretations of Mickey and all his pals.

Because the pieces are made of wood, they come together in a way that makes them easy to display and examine. If you get close, the fun shapes are still visible.

Another cool fact about Trefl’s Wood Craft puzzles is that they’re eco-friendly. When you open the box, instead of a plastic bag housing all of the pieces, they come in a recyclable bag.

More licensed Trefle Wood Craft puzzles are also new this holiday season, including more Disney designs, plus Dungeons & Dragons and Transformers.

Tying into the Disney100 celebration is a 500-piece Mickey and Minnie art deco puzzle.

If 500 pieces sounds daunting, there are shaped wood craft puzzles with 160 pieces themed to Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

… and a holiday ornament with Mickey and Minnie.

The most sinister in the Disney line of Trefl Wood Craft puzzles is the 1,000 piece Disney Villains puzzle. Shapes include silhouettes of the villains, plus their icons like the Evil Queen’s poison apple, Dr. Facillier’s top hat, and Ursula’s magic shell.

Coming soon for the holidays are Trefl Wood Craft Pauzzles from the worlds of Star Wars and Marvel.

From a galaxy far, far away comes a 500-piece puzzle shaped like Grogu from The Mandalorian.

The adorable youngling will also be available as a 16-piece puzzle.

And Din Djarin isn’t left out with a shaped puzzle on a speeder bike.

Going a little more classic, a 160-piece Storm Trooper helmet is also part of the first wave of Star Wars Wood Craft puzzles.

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes a 160-piece Thanos in his throne.

Upping the complexity scale is the shaped Infinity Gauntlet, complete with all of the stones and ready to snap!

And you can take things back to the Marvel Comics with this 1,000 piece Wood Craft Puzzle featuring the Avengers in comic panels.

Trefl also makes some of the biggest puzzles you’ll ever see through the Trefl Prime brand.

With 9,000-piece and 13,500-piece puzzles, this series also uses Trefl’s Unlimited Fit Technology. This makes it possible to combine the edges of puzzle segments with other Trefl Unlimited Fit releases.

There are two Disney puzzles in this set, the first of which is 9,000 pieces and titled “The Greatest Disney Collection,” which features a gallery wall of Disney art.

At 13,500 pieces, the “Golden Age of Disney” incorporates movie posters from animated classics and will be released in time for the holidays.

Also coming for the holidays are two Marvel Avengers Trefl Prime puzzles. The first is 900-pieces and features comic panels consisting of members from the Avengers.

At 13,500-pieces, fans of the MCU can assemble all of the heroes from Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga, which covered the first three phases.

Trefl also makes classic puzzles under their Trefl Red label. Pretty much anything imaginable is available, including multiple stunning vistas of Neuschwanstein Castle, which served as the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.

A 3,000-piece Neuschwanstein Sunset puzzle, 1,500-piece Neuschwanstein Daytime puzzle, and 500-piece Neuschwanstein Sunrise puzzle all offer ways to become more familiar with the castle that so captivated Walt Disney and his artists. 

Trefl also makes games for ages 5 and up. Spy Guy has been a big hit since it launched, which lets kids play with up to 3 peers or by themselves to solve crimes. There’s even a mobile version of the game (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play).

The puzzle-solving game will expand in 2024 with Spy Guy: USA Edition, which finds the sleuth on an American road trip, and Spy Guy: Winter Edition, which offers the added challenge of a wintery landscape to search through.

More new games are on the way, including a drawing party game called Redraw, a pizza matching card game called Doni Pepperoni, a potion-mixing card game called MixTura, A math card game called All Mine, and a sandcastle card game called Castles in the Sand.

Last, but not least, is Brick Trick, eco-friendly building kits with real mini bricks and wooden pieces. There are real world icons that can be built, like the Roman Colisseum, but Trefl has also partnered with Warner Bros. on a line of buildings from the Wizarding World.

No matter what your skill level or interest, Trefl offers a lot of fun ways to pass the time with unique puzzles and games for the whole family.

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