Photos/Video: Zootopia Land Tour at Shanghai Disneyland

Zootopia recently had a media event prior to the December 20th opening of the new land at Shanghai Disneyland. As a part of the event, we had the opportunity to tour the land and experience the immersive detail.

Zootopia, of course, has to have its own road safety and signage system to cater to the thousands of species that call the metropolis home.

The details are immaculate, like the benches used for smaller animals to park their vehicles, or the various shapes and sizes of doorways and windows to cater to specific species and their habitats.

The Zootopia Police force is a focal point of the land, housing Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, the land’s major attraction.

You can view our full collection of photos from our walkthrough here.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Shanghai Disneyland as we experience the grand opening of Zootopia.

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Marshal Knight
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