Disney Announces Plans to Double Disney Parks Investment to Approximately $60 Billion Over 10 Years

The Walt Disney Company has revealed plans to invest approximately $60 billion into Disney Parks, Experiences and Products over the next 10 years.

What’s Happening:

  • In a Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) filing, Disney provided an update regarding its plans for capital expenditures in the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products (DPEP) segment.
  • Disney is developing plans to accelerate and expand investment to nearly double, as compared to the previous approximately 10-year period.
  • The total of this investment is anticipated to be around $60 billion, which is said to include expanding and enhancing domestic and international parks, as well as the Disney Cruise Line, in capacity, and prioritizing projects anticipated to generate strong returns.

  • An interesting graphic shows attraction investments at the Walt Disney World Resort over the last 15 years or so, and the effect the investment had on the operating income.

  • In one slide, Disney states that they plan on “turbo-charging” DPEP. These efforts include:
    • Accelerating storytelling
    • Expanding footprint
    • Advancing commercial
    • Leveraging talent
    • Reaching new fans

  • On the note of “expanding footprint,” another slide not only highlights Disney’s existing Parks locations and Cruise Line ports but also states that the company has more than 1,000 acres of land that could be developed for possible expansion.

  • DPEP Chairman, Josh D’Amaro, stated that Disney has “a wealth of untapped stories to bring to life.” He mentioned Frozen, Coco, and Wakanda from Black Panther as “storytelling opportunities.”
    • “We have a wealth of untapped stories to bring to life across our business. Frozen, one of the most successful and popular animated franchises of all time, could have a presence at the Disneyland Resort. Wakanda has yet to be brought to life. The world of Coco is just waiting to be explored. There’s a lot of storytelling opportunity.”
  • Also interesting is that Disney’s research suggests that, for every 1 park guest today, there are 10 people with an affinity for Disney overall but who don’t visit the theme parks.
  • This update comes as Disney recently revealed (or at least teased) several new projects at Destination D23.
  • With today’s news, fans can look forward to many more such announcements in the coming months and years ahead.
  • You can read the full SEC filing for yourself at this link.

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