Olaf 1
Olaf is our fun, friendly snowman that loves warm hugs, so who wouldn’t love going on an interactive adventure with him? Join him with the new Olaf’s Adentures app as he completes tasks in Winter, Spring, and Summer to earn snowflakes that lead to snow-globes to give to his friends at the end of each level. There are mini games in each level and familiar faces in each season that make this game fun and unique. One moment, you see the Evil Snowman and the next, you see Sven hiding behind a pillar. Exploring the wintery cliffs as well as Arendelle will definitely bring a smile to your face.
 Olaf 2
This is such a fun addition to the catalog of Frozen games out there! Olaf is probably my favorite character from the movie, so completing tasks with him is so much fun. Josh Gad, who originally did the voice for Olaf in the film, returned and voiced him in the app, so the realistic voice made it so much fun- not only to hear the voice, but to hear phrases that were originally in the movie. However, what really made this game stick out for me were the mini-games. Each level included at least two short games including characters from the movie as well. At the beginning of the game, you are instructed to collect ten snowflakes that are redeemed for snowglobes to give to your friends from Arendell and to achieve this, you can press on different items in the world. You can have Olaf smell the flowers, play a little tune on the icicles, or sled down a hill, collecting a snowflake each time. One thing that I found particularly helpful was the small magnifying glass in the bottom left corner. It’s fun to press things and try to find snowflakes, but after I completed a level and had only found 9/10 snowflakes, I could press on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen and it would highlight where each snowflake would be. I don’t want to give it away, but be sure to keep an eye out for two snowflakes in one game. It’s a fun little surprise!
Olaf 4
I really enjoyed this app, but my daughter, like every other kid that’s familiar with Frozen, absolutely loved it! As a parent, I appreciate the simplicity of the game and if you’re looking for a fun app that is pretty easy to navigate, this is the app for you. There is an option to make purchases in this app, however, so if you choose to download this app, make sure that you have disabled your in app purchases just to make sure that little fingers don’t wrack up a big bill.
 Olaf 5
Right now, you can purchase this app for $1.99 from the Apple app store and for a limited time only, you can get the next level for free! I’m all for deals like this, and with the nature of this app, two levels for $1.99 is a good price! Enjoy your adventures in Arendelle!


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