The company that turned a spot in Disney’s Accelerator program into a popular BB-8 toy is bringing their robotic expertise to another Disney franchise. Sphero today announced Ultimate Lightning McQueen—an app-enabled, interactive race car that uses the newest advancements in technology to create the most lifelike Lightning McQueen product ever, just in time for Disney•Pixar’s Cars 3 in theaters June 16. Packed with animatronic features that embody Lightning’s supercharged personality, Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen features hybrid performance specs including driving, drifting, racing and reactive touch, allowing fans to connect with the character like never before.

“From the beginning, we wanted to make Ultimate Lightning McQueen feel as real as he does in the film,” said Paul Berberian, CEO of Sphero. “In order to create a scaled down version of his big personality, we worked closely with the team at Pixar to ensure we were getting his nuances just right – such as leaning into turns and expressive facial and body movements.”

Fans can hit the gas with Ultimate Lightning McQueen by simply connecting to the car’s app (available on iOS and Android devices) and watch him respond to commands. With animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and emotive suspension, users will train for their next big race by playing games and experiencing other interactive features. When not in training mode, users can relax while watching Cars with Ultimate Lightning McQueen in “Watch With Me” mode, where he reacts to the movie in real-time.

Hybrid Performance Specs:

Driving Emotive suspension allows Ultimate Lightning McQueen to move like a champion
Drifting Drift and do donuts Ultimate Lightning McQueen-style with authentic movement
Reactive Touch Master Ultimate Lightning McQueen’s latest moves with a simple tap
Build Strategy Match wits with Ultimate Lightning McQueen and sharpen your skills through a pit stop-inspired mini-game
Acting Studio Build custom scripts that bring existing animations to life


“Sphero continues to delight fans with their incredibly lifelike replications of our favorite characters,” said Josh Silverman, Executive Vice President, Global Licensing, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “With Ultimate Lightning McQueen, Cars fans and families of all ages can interact with the character in a whole new way and experience the Cars story through technologies that weren’t even imaginable ten years ago.”

Under The Hood:

 6 Motors One controlling the animatronic mouth, two for emotive suspension, two for the front tires and one for steering
5 Capacitive Touch Panels Ultimate Lightning McQueen will physically respond to a tap on his roof, hood, both side doors and his rear window
 3 Processors Bluetooth Smart and WiFi allow for updates and app control, while the main processor controls the eye animations and more
Custom- Built Trapezoidal Screen Ultimate Lightning McQueen’s windshield eyes are actually an LCD screen, allowing for live animation renders
Automatic Head and Tail Lights Ambient light sensor allows the front and rear LEDs to adjust based on the light in the room
 Versatile Tires The tire materials allow Ultimate Lightning McQueen to drift on hard surfaces, average carpet conditions and at slow speeds
Custom Speaker and Speaker Box Design Ultimate Lightning McQueen’s integrated speaker system creates crystal clear audio
Custom-Built Animations Sphero created custom animations to make Ultimate Lightning McQueen’s eyes as emotive as the character in the movie

Ultimate Lightning McQueen is available starting today on and other select retail partners, MSRP $299.99.



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