In June, Pixar announced that Coco would feature an all Latino voice cast, leading many to assume that this would be the first Pixar film to break the tradition of casting John Ratzenberger as the company’s good luck charm. During a recent press junket, we asked Lee Unkrich if the rumors were true that Ratzenberger would not have a part and if so, if someone had to call him to tell him he hadn’t been cast this time around. The director of Coco made the following statement:

“We really struggled with that one because as of this moment, you have an all Latino cast because we haven’t recorded John yet. But I have found one line for him that I’m going to give him because I didn’t want to be the one to break… he’s been in every one since Toy Story, so we’re going to have an all Latino cast plus John Ratzenberger.”

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