UPDATE (6/2517): As the Orlando Sentinel now reports, a previously planned “die-in” protest at Disney has been canceled over concerns that such a display would traumatize children. However, the group National Die-In still plans to pressure Disney to break ties with Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam by other means.


According to the Orlando Sentinel, protestors are planning to stage a “die-in” on Disney property sometime this month.

  • The protest is to be hosted by National Die-In, with survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Pulse Nightclub shootings apparently set to participate.
  • This proposed protest is in response to Disney’s support for Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate and current state agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam.
  • Disney has reportedly donated $789,000 to Putnam’s political committee Florida Grown since 2015.
  • It’s unclear whether the event would be held at Disney headquarters or at one of the theme parks.
  • Previously, National Die-In hosted protests and multiple Publix locations due to the grocery chain’s donations to Putnam. The company has since suspended political donations.
  • A Disney spokeswoman did not respond to the Orlando Sentinel’s request for comment.

What they’re saying:

  • National Die-In (via Twitter): “Disney has donated almost $1 mil to gubernatorial candidate and self-described NRA sellout [Adam Putnam]. While we appreciate the work Disney has done to support the LGBTQ+ community, this is unacceptable. Email Disney, tell them what you think [email protected]
  • Brandon Wolf, Pulse survivor: “Disney, your movies and theme parks have come to stand for what the American Dream is all about: hope, happiness and a better future for our children. As a gun violence survivor, I am begging you to stop supporting NRA sellouts like Adam Putnam.”
  • Adam Putnam, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, Republican Candidate for Governor: “The state of Florida is better off because of corporate citizens like Disney and Publix. They employ hundreds of thousands of individuals, they support families, they’re generous to our communities, I hope that for political purposes people don’t try to tear down some of the best corporate citizens not just in Florida but in this country.”


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