BoxLunch has the prefect solution to cure the “not at Comic-Con” blues: exclusive Funko figures! The store that celebrates dozen of fandoms has just introduced their 2018 Summer Convention Exclusives. The collectable figures are available to anyone and can be ordered online instead of requiring attendance at a convention.

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Kingdom Hearts


Unfortunately this Neon Tomatoa figure is currently out of stock, but we loved it so much we wanted to show it to you:


Tina Belcher

With Disney set to acquire 21st Century Fox, the Belcher’s could soon become part of the Disney family. Plus this figure depicts one of our favorite scenes from Bob’s Burgers so naturally, we had to share.


The Royal Tennanbaums

You may not recall, but this indie classic was actually released by Touchstone Pictures, making it an extension of Disney.


More Fun:

These other 2018 Summer Convention Exclusives are still in stock! They might not be Disney related, but they are fun.