Ever since word got out that Marvel was considering producing limited series for Disney’s upcoming streaming service starring the likes of Scarlet Witch and Loki, there’s been lots of speculation about what other characters could end up with our series. The latest from Variety is that a Falcon-Winter Soldier team up series is currently being developed.

  • According to the trade publication, Malcolm Spellman has been hired to write a series focusing on both Falcon (real name: Sam Wilson, portrayed by Anthony Mackie) and the Winter Soldier (AKA Bucky Barnes — played by Sebastian Stan).
  • If that’s the case, it is believed to be the first of the new Marvel streaming series to have found a writer.
  • Meanwhile, Slashfilm reports that the proposed Scarlet Witch series could also feature Vision and potentially focus on the couple.
  • As previously reported, these Marvel projects are expected to be overseen by Kevin Feige and carry large, cinematic budgets.
  • Each series is also intended to be limited, with each one running six to eight episodes.
  • Disney declined to comment on Variety’s report.