A woman was reportedly arrested on Tuesday night after authorities say she dragged a child wearing a harness, causing them to hit their head a bathroom floor at Epcot.

  • WKMG reports that a 9-1-1 call was placed about a woman yelling at a crying child and pulling them by a harness. This reportedly led the child the hit their head on a bathroom floor.
  • Authorities later found Sara Villar (34) and questioned her about the incident.
  • During this confrontation, Villar apparently refused to give her name and said she just wanted to leave the park.
  • An affidavit then states that Villar moved the stroller “in an aggressive manner,” which caused at least one child to fall out of it.
  • Villar was later escorted to a patrol vehicle where she reportedly began banging her head on the hood, leaving a dent.
  • She was arrested on charges of child abuse and criminal mischief.