A Walt Disney World Cast Member has been accused of recording another man in bathroom stall.

What’s happening:

  • Local ABC affiliate, WFTV has reported that a Disney Cast Member has been accused of recording another Cast Member in a mens’ employee bathroom at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  • According to investigators, the incident took place on November 27 at the Pride Rock employee cafeteria.
  • The victim said he was not sure if he wanted to press charges, however he did file a report with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Now it’s up to the state attorney’s office to decided whether or not to file charges.
  • Investigators report that the victim saw, “a cell phone facing up, slowly moving from under the restroom stall next to him, pointing at him.” The report said the victim asked who was there. When he didn’t get an answer, he snapped a picture of the person’s shoes. The victim then informed law enforcement.
  • The victim reported that the man came out of the bathroom 20 minutes later “with a hoodie pulled up over his head.”
  • The man accused of recording the video changed his story several times before finally admitting what he did. When confronted by another worker, he claimed that he didn’t have a cell phone at all. Later, he said he hand one and dropped it.
  • Reports say that when the accused man talked with deputies, he, “confessed to the crime of video voyeurism.” No arrest has been made.
  • WFTV Channel 9 reports they’ve reached out to Disney for comment but, they have not heard back.