For several hours yesterday into today, it seemed as though Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger had deleted his Twitter account, @RobertIger. However, at last check, the account had been restored. UPDATE (1/23/18): After disappearing for nearly two more weeks, Iger’s account was restored last night and found the chairman congratulating Disney and Fox’s Oscar nominees. The previous tweet regarding Captain Marvel is still available as well.

Previously (1/11/19):

  • Yesterday, visiting results in an error reading “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”
  • Yet, as of 9 a.m. PT on Friday, the account was seemingly restored.
  • This apparent departure and return comes after a series of Twitter-related stories surrounding Iger, including him responding to a fan regarding what was perceived as a slight against Expedition Everest in a Barron’s interview.

  • More recently, fans were left puzzled when Iger’s account tweeted about Captain Marvel, saying “I think we should build a Captain Marvel land and 50 Captain Marvel attractions, plus Captain Marvel Cruise Ships, hotels, restaurants and parades.”
  • While some assumed the bizarre tweet was Iger making light of the Everest controversy, others thought the CEO’s account had been hacked.

  • Currently, that tweet is still present on Iger’s restored account.


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