From the sinister minds that brought you The Purge, Happy Death Day and Paranormal Activity, comes the new Hulu original horror series Into the Dark, which turns every holiday into a complete nightmare. The new horror anthology series will feature different actors in each episode, with a new episode being released each month focusing on a holiday from that month.

The eighth installment of the horror series focuses on Mother’s Day, and tells the story of a mother who would do anything to keep her son out of trouble. The episode is is titled “All That We Destroy,” and it focuses on the brilliant Dr. Victoria Harris and her mission to help her son to deal with his mysterious affliction.

“All That We Destroy” is not so much a horror story as much as it is a sci-fi/thriller. It certainly has some horror elements – building suspense leading up to some gruesome actions from the story’s antagonist – but It’s certainly not something that’s going to keep you up at night.

If I can describe this episode in one word, it would be “mysterious.” It opens very slowly, providing no information at all, and then takes sharp turns without giving the audience the answers they would expect to get. I’m not knocking it. It is certainly a way to keep the audience guessing and on the edge of their seats.

It does hit a stretch where the guessing game starts to get a little old and you just want some answers. Right before you get the point where you feel so annoyed with the lack of information that you want to turn it off, that’s when you start to get your answers. I won’t say it’s an unpredictable story, but it certainly provides some twists and turns.

The cast of “All That We Destroy” does a fantastic job. Without giving too much away about their characters, Israel Broussard and Aurora Perrineau do terrific jobs in roles that could not have been easy to play. The acting has been one of the strongest parts of Into the Dark as a whole since the series started, and that continues here.

Overall, “All That We Destroy” was certainly interesting. It was not my favorite episode of Into the Dark (“Pooka!” still sits on that throne), but it did keep me invested. The early build may have taken a bit too long, but as I said, if you can hold out just long enough, you’ll be rewarded. It’s a strange story, as is the norm for Blumhouse, but if you’re into sci-fi thrillers, you’ll enjoy “All That We Destroy.”

“All That We Destroy” premieres on Hulu on May 3, with subsequent episodes of Into the Dark coming each month for a full year. Be sure to check out our reviews of previous episodes and check back for more reviews of this new Hulu original as I try to help you decide if each episode will cost you hours of sleep.