A video showing a violent fight that erupted in Disneyland is gaining attention from fans and the Anaheim Police Department. As ABC 7 reports, police are now investigating the video and the event.

  • Over the weekend, a video surfaced on YouTube documenting a vicious fight at Disneyland.
  • The brawl reportedly took place on Saturday, July 6th in the ToonTown area of the park and started as an argument between family that escalated.
  • According to ABC 7, Anaheim police responded and interviewed family members, however the victims were not cooperative.
  • The department says they are now pursuing a criminal case.

  • While ABC blurred the footage they aired, the original video can be viewed here (warning: contains violence, disturbing images, and adult language).
  • In a statement to ABC, a Disney official said of the incident, “We do not condone this behavior.”

Update (7/10/19):

  • ABC News writes that because of the video evidence of the fight, the Anaheim Police Department has been able to present the case to prosecutors.
  • According to a tweet for the PD, all parties involved denied anything had happened.
  • Now that the PD has video evidence in addition to eyewitness statements the case can proceed.

UPDATE (7/8/19 12:30 pm PT):

  • The Disneyland Resort’s official Twitter account originally released this statement regarding the incident and reaction to it:

  • However, that statement was later deleted, and a new one addressing how the situation was handled was released:

  • Additionally, the Anaheim Police Department explained the situation further in a post to their Twitter:



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