Broken Rockwork Led to Partial Matterhorn Closure at Disneyland

Guests visiting on Thursday morning may have noticed that one of the Matterhorn Bobsleds tracks was closed. Disneyland was forced to shut down a side of the iconic attraction due to a broken piece of rockwork plaster that fell off the mountain facade prior to opening.

Via Disneyland

Via Disneyland

What’s happening:

  • The Orange County Register has reported that a chunk of rockwork broke off the Matterhorn Bobsleds early Thursday morning before the park was open.
  • Due to this incident, Disneyland closed one side of the attraction. The other side remained open.
  • A maintenance work crew on the overnight shift discovered the piece of rockwork which, according to reports, was about the size of a bedroom door.
  • The rockwork plaster did not fall on the roller coaster track and no one was injured.

What they’re saying:

  • Disneyland officials in a statement: “During overnight maintenance, a portion of decorative rockwork was found to be in need of repair, which we are working quickly to make.”