“A good concert, if you’re kind of relaxed, it can do something to you. It’s sort of an emotional break you get by listening to music.” – Walt Disney

Perhaps it was this quote that inspired Disney Music Emporium to offer up a free “Great Moments with Walt Disney” CD when purchasing anything from the Disney Music Emporium website.

What’s Happening:

  • Earlier today, Disney Music Emporium tweeted that (while supplies last) any purchases made from Disney Music Emporium would include a free, limited edition CD featuring rare and personal recordings of Walt Disney with that purchase.
  • The CD can not be found on the website as its own individual item, but rather, will automatically appear in your cart as you go to finalize a purchase.
  • According the cart page of the website, the CD is valued at $9.95, though, thanks to the promotion, costs $0.00.
  • If one were to select the CD for more information, such as track listings, or specifics as the what’s actually on the disc, they would be redirected to a “page not found” webpage with no further information available.
  • The only description that can be found regarding what’s actually on the CD is limited to what has appeared across Disney Music Emporium’s social media posts, repeating: “featuring rare and personal recordings of Walt Disney.”
  • The offer applies if you buy anything from Disney Music Emporium, even if it’s just a t-shirt and not even a record or CD, while supplies last.
  • Disney Music Emporium is THE online destination for all things collectible and limited edition from the legendary Disney Music catalog with a rich catalog of music that continues to grow year after year.