Wishes do come true! The two leads in a United Kingdom production of Aladdin got engaged during the curtain call making for a sweet encore for both the audience and cast.  

What’s happening:

  • Two actors and—actual magicians—in the Leicester production of Aladdin, celebrated the end of a recent performance by getting engaged.
  • Romance bloomed for Matthew Pomeroy and Natasha Lamb both on and off stage as the duo play Aladdin and Jasmine in this show, and are a couple in real life.
  • It’s not clear if this is a Disney licensed production, although the story seems to follow the original folklore narrative—something that’s quite different from Disney’s take.  
  • At the close of their December 27 show, Pomeroy shared a few words with the audience before getting down on one knee to ask Lamb the big question.
  • Pomeroy shared the moment on his YouTube channel:

  • Even the De Montfort Hall theater tweeted their own video:

  • Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!