TikTok user Joe Mele (@mmmjoemele) just went viral with a video of his reluctant dad being transformed into Anton Ego, the food critic from Pixar’s Ratatouille. Take a look!


What’s Happening:

  • Joe Mele thought his dad resembled Anton Ego, the food critic from Pixar’s Ratatouille, and made a TikTok video about it.
  • In the video, Joe’s dad doesn’t believe he resembles the character and Joe forces him to change to prove it.
  • The final touch is the addition of dark eye makeup and glasses.
  • In the end, Joe asks his dad to “Do the face” and his good sport of a father recreates the moment where Ego tastes Remy’s ratatouille and is comedically taken back to his childhood memories of his mother’s home cooking.

What do you think? Did they nail it?