Star Wars fans looking for a new way to experience quality time with their custom astromech units from the Droid Depot are about to get some good news. A free Droid Depot app is now available that allows users to enjoy even more at home adventures with their trusty robotic companions.

Droid Depot profile

Droid Depot profile

What’s happening:

  • has announced the launch of a brand new Droid Depot mobile app that gives fans even more at-home fun for their astromech creations.
  • Fans can download the free Droid Depot app via the App Store and Google Play and provide new adventures for their custom made BB-series or R-series droids from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

  • For fans who haven’t yet made a stop at the depot, they too can enjoy a virtual experience in the app as they build a digital droid.

At-home fun:

  • Users can sync their Droid Depot astromech unit to the app and try out special features such as:
    • Programming their droid
    • Customizing their name
    • Access to droid profiles
    • Pilot a virtual path around the house
    • Activate sounds and maneuvers

  • DJ R3X is here too spinning the latest jams and representing Oga’s Cantina! Fans can choreograph their droids to dance along.

  • And finally, check out the strategy mode where owners can challenge their units to a match or two of tic-tac-toe and set difficulty modes.