EPCOT Turns Off Project Tomorrow Globe Projector at Spaceship Earth Exit

Do you want to see an eerie sight? Here’s the exit to Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, more or less as we’ve known it since the 2007 redo. This first photo was taken when EPCOT reopened where a rope prevented Guests from entering the area, diverting them to the exit. Their photos could still be seen, all with the park’s required face coverings on.

And here’s a look at it today. The screens have been turned off, likely to prevent Guests from stopping to look at their photo, which could block the exit for a party behind them.

Disney’s reason for turning the screen off is completely understandable, but the empty globe is almost a dystopian sight after an optimistic attraction about the achievements of mankind. A simple projected image that doesn’t create a desire to stop and stare would really liven up the space, even if they just project the park’s name or iconic alucobond textured tile pattern of Spaceship Earth on it.

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