No need to pillage and plunder for the information, In the latest Ride and Learn video posted today by the Disney Parks Blog, we take a look at the classic Disneyland Park attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean.

What’s Happening:

  • As part of their “Ride and Learn” Series, the Disney Parks Blog has posted their latest video, this time focusing on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • A lot of the trivia featured in this video focuses on the early days of the attraction, with it being the last attraction Walt Disney supervised, and the various involvements featuring Walt Disney Imagineer, X Atencio.
  • Surprisingly this official Disney video also acknowledges that several of the Audio-Animatronic pirates featured in the attraction use the same facial molds.

  • The video also offers the official version of a widely known urban legend of the attraction, regarding a visit from the local fire department to sign off on permits and being so convinced by the attraction’s fire effect, it would be required to be turned off in the event of an emergency.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean is located at Disney Parks around the world but this video focuses on California’s original incarnation of the attraction. While Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure remain closed at this time, its videos like this one that help build anticipation for when the parks reopen.
  • For more information about the original Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as the various versions all around the world, our latest episode of “Dig A Little Deeper” digs a little deeper into the classic attraction. You can watch that episode below.

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