What We Learned from the “X of Swords” Metaverse Panel

Metaverse, the virtual presentation of New York Comic Con, kicked off today featuring an impressive slate of Marvel-focused panels. One of those panels focused on the upcoming X-Men crossover event “X of Swords” and provided some insight and gave an idea of what we can expect to see.

  • Marvel’s “X of Swords” panel included creators like:
    • Marvel Editor Jordan D. White
    • Tini Howard
    • Gerry Duggan
    • Benjamin Percy
    • Vita Ayala
  • With some of the lead-ins to “X of Swords” hitting stores in recent weeks, this panel was personally helpful to those of use who were wondering how to pronounce some of the names of characters, like Solem and Saturnyne.
  • White revealed that the crossover event will have a heavy impact on the X-Men proper, saying they would perhaps be the most impacted by “X of Swords.”
  • Duggan tipped that “X of Swords” may even be more impactful than “House of X” and “Powers of X.”
  • Ayala and Percy both shed some light on what it was like to create their most recent issues of “Marauders” and “Wolverine” respectively.
  • Ayala also touched briefly on her upcoming “Children of the Atom” series, teasing that we will see some of the X-Men appear in those pages as well.
  • Both of those issues were released yesterday. You can hear us talk about them in our weekly Marvel Time series.
  • Howard talked about how the team of writers and creators worked together on this crossover series, at times working in tandem with characters who would appear in multiple ongoing series.
  • The panel of creators also discussed their favorite of the recently introduced swordbearers of Arakko, who will go toe-to-toe with our favorite mutants in this tournament.
  • You can watch the full “X of Swords” panel below:

  • The first issue of the series, “X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1” hits stands on October 28.