D23, the Official Disney Fan Club, just announced a change to its paid membership levels that takes effect in 2021, replacing the Gold Family Membership with the new Gold Membership Duo Plan.

What’s Happening:

  • D23 is replacing the Gold Family Membership with a new membership called the Gold Membership Duo Plan.
  • The Gold Family Membership allowed a household of up to 4 people to share a D23 Gold Membership with the family holding 1 membership card and receiving 1 membership gift and 1 copy of the quarterly Disney Twenty-Three magazine.
  • With the Gold Membership Duo Plan, the biggest difference is that two members of a household get D23 Member cards, designated as a primary and affiliate member.
  • The primary and affiliate member can each bring a guest to select D23 events, so the number of total people allowed at an event is still 4 per membership, provided both the primary and affiliate member are in attendance.
  • The Gold Membership Duo Plan will still receive 1 member gift and 1 quarterly magazine subscription, but will receive 2 membership cards and welcome certificates in their first year.
  • This change takes effect January 1st, 2021, and current Gold Family Members will receive an email to convert to a Gold Membership Duo Plan for the remainder of your use year at no extra charge.
  • Current D23 Gold Members will also be given the option to upgrade to a Gold Duo Plan in January 2021 for an additional fee if desired.
  • Note for Charter Members: Becoming an affiliate member on a Gold Membership Duo Plan means you will lose your Charter Member status.