Robert Iger may not have run for president as some were expecting, but he may soon become ambassador to either the U.K. or China, according to a source at The Hollywood Reporter.

What’s Happening:

  • A source has told The Hollywood Reporter that Robert Iger is on the top of president-elect Joe Biden’s wishlist for ambassadors to fill a spot for either the U.K. or China.
  • The China ambassadorship makes sense with Iger’s 25-year history at Disney and their ever-growing relationship with the country from product manufacturing to the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort.
  • Iger isn’t the only Hollywood name on the list, as Jeffrey Katzenberg is apparently being considered as well for an ambassadorship. Both were big donors to Biden’s campaign with Iger totaling around $250,000 according to the report.
  • Iger stepped down as CEO of The Walt Disney Company back on February 25, 2020, announcing Bob Chapek as the new CEO for the company. Iger has since stayed on as executive chairman looking over the company’s creative vision and strategy until 2021.