Marvel Releases New “WandaVision” Posters, Ad and Hashtag Images 2 Weeks Ahead of Disney+ Premiere

Marvel Studios released a new 30-second ad for WandaVision along with four new posters and Twitter hashtag images.

What’s Happening:

  • Marvel Studios celebrated New Year’s Day with new ways to promote their first Disney+ Original Series, WandaVision.
  • A new 30-second ad premiered that includes a few previously unseen shots.
  • The studio also released four new posters for the series on Twitter, each focusing on a different character standing in front of TVs to show how they change through the eras they’re portrayed in.

  • In addition, three hashtags related to the series will yield images in Tweets:
    • #WandaVision shows both Wanda and Vision side-by-side fading between color and black & white.
    • #Wanda shows just Wanda’s image.
    • #Vision shows just Vision’s image.

  • WandaVision premieres in two weeks on January 15h on Disney+. Next week, fans can catch up on both character’s story arcs so far in the new series Marvel Legends, premiering January 8th.
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