Food is comfort, food can fix the body and heal the soul and now Deadpool, the “Regeneratin’ Degenerate,” will share some of his favorite recipes on February 2nd through Cooking with Deadpool, Wade Wilson’s lucrative new book deal with Insight Editions. Promising “Over 60 Recipes from the Merc with the Mouth,” this exciting new release is guaranteed to be both a fun read and a yummy project for home chefs looking to add some excitement to their menus. We’re pleased to partner with Insight Editions to offer you two new exclusive recipes from the upcoming cookbook almost a month in advance. In each, you’ll not only get a sense of the style and humor of the book, but you can try these out for yourself to see if you want to tackle the other 58+ on February 2nd.

It’s Not Delivery, It’s Deadpool

Deadpool is a true pizza snob, throwing shade with his description of this recipe at frozen pizza companies, the cities of Chicago and Cleveland, and really any pizza that doesn’t come from New York. If you’re tired of “Hot discs of mediocrity,” try this delicious-sounding pizza made entirely from scratch.


Don’t abandon your gingerbread man cookie cutters the rest of the year, put them to use making GingerPools, an anytime treat. As Deadpool explains in the introduction, he makes these to inflate his ego when he’s mad at his former Mercs for Money team, who won’t return his calls. If you want to get real creative, decorate yours in the other team colors: blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.

For more information on Cooking with Deadpool, including another advance recipe for “Stabby Meat Sticks,” click here.

You can pre-order your copy of Cooking with Deadpool today to get yours on release day, February 2nd.

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