Survey Sent To Former Disneyland Annual Passholders Suggest What “Memberships” Might Look Like

The Disneyland Resort has begun surveying (now former) Annual Passholders about their visiting habits and preferences to figure out popular combinations and price points for a “new membership program” that will be coming to the California destination, according to The OC Register.

What’s Happening:

  • Not even two weeks have passed since Disneyland announced the “sunsetting” of the Annual Pass program that has been in place at the resort since 1983, and those who had passes are being sent surveys via email so Disney can figure out the best way to move forward with “membership offerings” that they announced were coming.
  • In the surveys, different variables and pricing structures were suggested, including the inclusion of exclusion of MaxPass, Photopass, and even Parking.
  • Similar to how the parks in Florida operate at this time, each pass will require advance reservations, with the suggestion of different tiers appearing in the surveys, allowing those with memberships to choose from either 2, 4, or 6 reservations at a time, with the ability to book out 60-90 days in advance, again based on membership level. Another option includes “anytime reservations,” that allow for access without making the reservation in advance.
  • The survey also suggests exclusive entrances to both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure with the membership, though not included in each one, as well as merchandise discounts that vary from 10% – 30% depending on the membership level.
  • According to the survey, “Blockout Day tickets” will also be provided in some memberships, with the amount included depending on the membership level, for access to the parks when membership admission is forbidden, likely on peak days like holidays.
  • Membership levels also suggest the idea of a “rewards” program, though details as to what that would entail (purchases on food or merch, or just going to the park regularly) are limited to just the idea of the existence of one.
  • Based on the survey, the levels of membership are not geared toward perks like they may have been traditionally, but on when the pass allows access to the parks. For example, the survey suggests the cheapest membership offering ($399) would include parking, one blockout date ticket, an exclusive entrance, 6 “anytime” reservations, and up to 4 reservations at time with 20% discounts but is only available for use during non-peak times, and not on most weekends. On the flip side, a $1200 membership offering suggests 20-30% discounts on food and merchandise, does NOT include parking, can only have two reservations at time, two “anytime” reservations, but allows access to the parks on weekends throughout the year except for major holidays.
  • The surveys are not an official announcement of what is to come but give a clear idea of what the Walt Disney Company is thinking in terms of this new “membership offering” that is being developed for the Disneyland Resort. Aspects of this survey are likely to be seen in the final result, but there is no guarantee until the product is officially announced.

What They’re Saying:

  • Ken Potrock, President, Disneyland Resort: “We’re trying to understand: What do people want in this new world? When do they want to access our parks? How frequently do they want to access our parks? With what level of spontaneity? With what level of value? All of those kinds of things and many more. There’s nothing off the table as we begin to think about things that are important for people. Whether it’s the number of times that they visit on a product offering. Whether it’s when. Is it midweek or weekend? Is it morning or afternoon? Is it day-part oriented? It’s all of those kinds of things that we’re incredibly curious to hear back from the guests about. This is not designed to limit choice and flexibility. It’s designed to enhance choice and flexibility. People may say, ‘Here’s how I’ve always used it.’ People may say, ‘Here’s what I bought, but I didn’t quite use it and optimize it.’ People may say, ‘I have a different family structure or my financial situation is different. I would love to do it a little bit differently than I’ve done in the past.’ What we’re hoping to be able to provide is the choice and flexibility for all of those different evolving states.”

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