Ravensburger’s New Game Lineup Includes Disney’s “Gargoyles” and “Alien”

Ravensburger North America has released their 2021 board game lineup and there are quite a few new Disney games coming including one based on the animated show Gargoyles.

What’s Happening:

  • Bleeding Cool has reported on Ravensburger North America’s 2021 board game lineup which includes some Disney branded games including Gargoyles, Marvel, Mickey, and Alien.
  • There is even a Mickey Mouse train set that comes with four character figures, a battery-powered train, and track pieces.
  • Game information including the suggested retail price and release dates are all listed below for each title.

Game Information:

Alien: Fate Of The Nostromo

  • Executive Officer Kane is dead and the Alien stalks the halls of the Nostromo. Players must work together in this cooperative strategy game to craft items, fulfill objectives and complete one of five final missions. Choose your next move carefully, as the Alien could be just around the corner. Play solo or add Science Officer Ash to the game for a true challenge. (Ages 10+ / $29.99 MSRP / Available August 1st, 2021)

Disney Gargoyles: Awakening

  • Based on the fan-favorite Disney cartoon from the 1990's, Disney Gargoyles: Awakening is a cooperative strategy game. Players take the role of one of the heroes of the show—one of the Gargoyles or detective Elisa Maza—and work together to defeat Xanatos or Demona in one of four scenarios. Do battle on a three-dimensional cityscape board showing Manhattan as it was depicted in the cartoon. (Ages 10+ / $34.99 MSRP / Available August 2021)

Marvel Eye Found It! Card Game

  • The Eye Found It! game line from Ravensburger has sold over three million copies worldwide. Now, players can explore the Marvel Universe in the Marvel Eye Found It! card game. In each turn, players search their hand of beautifully illustrated cards for specific hidden objects. The first player to find a hidden item on one of their cards discards it and the player who empties their hand first wins the game! (Ages 3+ / $5.99 MSRP / Available August 2021)

Mickey and Friends Magical Treats

  • Mickey and his friends ordered lunch from a magical food truck, but their order arrived mixed up! Help them sort out their lunch by matching colors, food, characters, or the number of stars on each card. Mickey and Friends Magical Treats includes four card holders shaped like Mickey's gloves, making it easy for small hands to hold onto their cards. (Ages 8+ / $19.99 MSRP / Available August 2021)

BRIO Mickey Mouse Deluxe Set

  • Take Mickey Mouse and his friends on a railway adventure with the new BRIO Mickey Mouse Deluxe Set. Children can build the tracks into the shape of Mickey's head and send Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald on a fun train ride. This deluxe set features 33 pieces including the BRIO Mickey Mouse Record & Play Station, the BRIO Mickey Mouse Battery Train, four character figures, 23 wooden tracks and more to start or add to their BRIO World collection. (Ages 3+ / $179.99 MSRP / Available Fall 2021)