Scentsy knows the way to make your home smell like Motuni from Disney’s Moana with a new collection of products launching on Monday, March 15th. A new fragrance called “Spirit of Motunui” brings the aroma of Moana’s island paradise to your home through a new wax Scentsy Bar and beaded Scent Pak, with a new Scentsy Buddy inspired by Pua, Moana’s adorable pig from the film.

Pua Scentsy Buddy

Moana’s adorable sidekick becomes a scented plush, retailing for $35 with Scent Pak included. The Scent Pak can be stored inside the plush through a zippered compartment in the back that makes the stuffed animal smell just like the “Spirit of Motunui” fragrance.

Moana: Spirit of Motunui Scentsy Bar

Available as a wax Scentsy Bar for Scentsy Warmers, this new fragrance inspired by Disney’s Moana is scented with tropical fruits and flowers. “Watery melon, pineapple and plumeria depict a lush island paradise rich with tradition,” reads the official description.

How to Order

Scentsy products can only be ordered through a certified Scentsy Consultant. If you don’t have one, I recommend Trista. Click here to buy Scentsy products from her store and you can learn more about Scentsy products from her website,